Explorers Department

Explorers Department consists of both Key Stage 3 and Key and Stage 4 classes where learners have Severe Learning Difficulties and some of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum. 

Learners are taught a variety of subjects ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum for all. Literacy and Numeracy are taught every day and an emphasis is given to developing: 

  • independence skills 
  • appropriate relationships 
  • interactions with others
  • positive behaviour 

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop a meaningful mode of communication and can apply their skills in a range of locations, enhancing their choice making abilities. 

A wide range of different teaching strategies and approaches are used in order to meet the range of needs of our students. These include:-  

PECS, Phonics, Numicon, Words First, Makaton and TEACCH. 

Learners experience different environments and work as a whole class, in small groups, pairs and individually. Pupils are enabled to learn and practise new skills across a range of learning experiences with a large team of adults and peers. 

We pride ourselves in our cross department working and planning, making the most of the strengths of all staff in our team. 

All Key Stage 3 pupils study ASDAN New Horizons – Challenges in Personal and Social Skills; which entitles them to accreditation at the end of Year 9. This helps prepare learners for transition to the next stage of their education within Key Stage 4 and further ASDAN work.

All Key Stage 4 pupils study ASDAN Transition Challenge award which provides a framework of activities to develop and accredit independent living and personal skills. All students work through areas of activity relating to statutory programmes of study for National Curriculum subjects, complemented by activities contributing to the skills of adult living. Pupils complete a range of activities from each of the five modules:

  • Knowing How
  • Making Choices
  • Feeling Good
  • Moving Forward
  • Taking the Lead

All ASDAN achievements are assessed by allocating levels of support to show how the student has achieved the activity. They show individual progression and differentiation between students. These are:

experience etc

All learners compile a portfolio to demonstrate how they have met the requirements of these modules. These portfolios are then internally moderated for Key Stage 3 pupils and externally moderated by ASDAN for Key Stage 4 pupils.