Discovery Department

The class groups in Discovery department are for our developmentally young pupils who are at the early stages of learning whatever their chronological age.  Pupils range from two and a half years to nineteen years of age and are placed in class groups according to their age and need.

Pupils are taught in a variety of different ways depending on their age but all require a multisensory curriculum and a high level of adult support.

Learners are supported and enabled to develop effective communication skills as well as to interact effectively with their peers and form positive relationship with others.

Learners receive input and support from appropriate therapy provision to support learning including Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language therapy.


Learners experience different environments and work as a whole class, in small groups, pairs and individually.  Pupils are enabled to learn and develop new skills across a range of learning experiences with a large team of adults and peers.

The older pupils in Discovery Department have the opportunity to work with their peers in Explorers and Adventurers department in a variety of lessons and activities to develop and generalise their skills and form positive relationships.

The pupils in Discovery departments take part in a range of Asdan Modules which lead to accreditation at different stages of their school career.

Pupils in years 3-6 follow the Asdan Stepping Stones Schemes.  This broad programme is an excellent introduction to the Asdan Accreditation and allows learners and staff to develop individual targets under broad curriculum headings.

Pupils in years 7, 8 & 9 follow the Asdan New Horizons programme  –  Challenges in Personal and Social skills which entitles them to accreditation in year 9.

Pupils in years 10 and 11 follow the Asdan Transition Challenge programme.  This programme enables work in a wide range of curriculum subjects to form part of their accreditation portfolio as they move towards young adulthood.

Students in years 12, 13 and 14 follow the Asdan towards Independence programme.  This programme comprises of a range of discrete units that pupils and staff can select to provide a profile of evidence.  This work focuses on preparing pupils for the next phase of their lives beyond school.

For all the Asdan Schemes levels of support are used to show how the students have achieved the activity.

Students complete a portfolio of work to demonstrate their achievements within the units studied and these portfolios are then moderated by the Asdan organisation.  Students then receive recognised certification as a record of their achievements.